Here at Khan’s we are very excited to annouce the launch of our Rewards Scheme in which customers collect gold stars in order to reap some tasty rewards.

Now, here’s the low down:

Three Visits : Collect three gold stars and get a free Mocktail and Samosas on the third visit.

Six Visits : Collect six gold stars and get two free Mocktails and Chicken Wings on the sixth visit.

Ten Visits : Collect ten gold stars and get two free Curry dishes (Chicken or Vegetable) on the tenth visit.

On your first visit, you will be presented with a card which counts up to ten. Once you reach ten, it goes back to the beginning, but you can use as many reward cards as you wish.

Before you rush off to claim your hard earned rewards, make sure you register your Khan’s Card, because you can only claim your rewards once you’ve done it. It’s quick and easy and only takes a few minutes, and what’s that compared to a lifetime of rewardy-goodness? Please click here to register your card.